Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Good thing Easter is six weeks long...

...because it means I am not technically delinquent in posting these photos.  Enjoy!

More to come.  Computer working slow and kids demanding needs be met.  Etc.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Who me?

I was going to save this post for Friday because I know that there are at least 7 things I could write about, but today really seems like the right day.  Maybe because Elijah cried for half an hour because Isabel got a tin pitcher from her atrium teacher and he "doesn't have ANY golden things" that are only his.  Oh my.

So, let's see, where to begin...

  • My children watch TV every day.  Every single one, plus sometimes twice on Saturdays.
  • While they are watching TV, I try to clean the house, but sometimes I just read funny blogs instead.
  • Two weeks ago, I vacuumed Isabel's room and left the vacuum in the hallway so I could finish the rest of the top floor.  After stubbing my toe on the vacuum for the fifth time or so yesterday, I just put the d--n thing away.  Other three rooms: still not vacuumed.
  • I am not the most diligent when it comes to bathing my children, and last week Isabel's hair was so greasy that I knew things had gotten out of hand.  Then, we went out in the rain, and I actually had the thought, Hmm, maybe this will help.  
  • With the dinner swap, I sometimes only actually cook food twice a week, and the other days, I just make everyone eat what is already in the fridge.  It reminds me of the quotation from Calvin Trillin: "“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” 
  • Elijah has eaten basically the same lunch every single day of this school year.  Meanwhile, his classmates who get school lunch are eating things like Ethiopian lentils and adobo chicken burritos.  
I am sure there is lots more I could say. (Unfolded laundry? Is that you calling me?  Sorry, I am unavailable at the moment.  Try back later.)   I'll save those thoughts for another night, though.  After all, there are dishes to be ignored in favor of more interesting pursuits

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Weekend Away


Thanks to a sweet Groupon deal, the four and 8/9ths of us headed out to Williamsburg, VA for the weekend.  I won't call it a babymoon because we brought the whole crew, and it was thusly not quite exactly as relaxing as relaxing can be, but it was a lot of fun.

 We strolled around Colonial Williamsburg, checked out the local Chik-Fil-A play area, and ate an obscene amount at a breakfast buffet.  Thanks to Elijah, four-year-olds will likely no longer be free at that particular restaurant.

 The highlight for the kids, though, and really, for all of us, was this amazing playground around the corner from our resort.  It had a pirate theme and was absolutely massive.  The weather was unbelievably gorgeous, and it made our trek out of the city worth it, even though we sat in traffic on the way back for a bonus two hours. 

Zip Line - Before picture

Zip line - After picture

Only a month to go until baby number three makes an appearance.  This trip, I would say, was a perfect last travel hurrah.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Funny kids

I'm in the midst of making a triple batch of black bean burgers, I have laundry to put away, and oh, yes, I would prefer just to go to bed.  So in lieu of a more substantive post, I give you this:

After dinner, Elijah cut up some cucumbers, then made himself a paper sandwich board to advertise his wares, complete with a drawing of him as a cucumber.  Needless to say, he sold out immediately. 

And a recent quote from Isabel:

Iz: I just farted in my teeth.

Me:  What?

Elijah: That means she burped.

Happy hump day!