Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sippy Cup Multi-lemma: Part 1

As parents, we are faced daily with so many choices.  Cloth or disposable?  Bottle or not?  Cosleeping or separate bedrooms?  Shower or coffee?  Paper or plastic?  It's enough to make a sane person crazy, and a sleep-deprived mom absolutely nutty.  Then, just when things (maybe) start to calm down, there comes what for me has been one of the most surprisingly difficult decisions yet:  which sippy cup?  

I will let you know up front that this story has a happy ending.  But, as you can see from the picture above, it took a few tries to get there. Like a good beauty pageant announcer, I will start with the runners-up.  Then, join me tomorrow for the big reveal. 

Starting from the left in the picture above...
The yellow straw cup seemed great-at first.  Flip-top, fairly easy to dis- and re-assemble for cleaning, it was even insulated to keep things cool.  I have heard from some parents that this one can be difficult because it requires the child to bite down in order to let the water flow.  Elijah hopped right over that hurdle.  He got so good at biting the straw, however, that he made the hole bigger.  I realized this when I kept stepping in puddles made by the leaking straw.  Bzzzzz.   Next contestant, please.

The blue and green cup seemed promising.  The flow was a little slow, so I removed the rubber valve in the lid.  Elijah had some trouble tipping it up high enough, but with help it seemed to work okay.  Then I made the mistake of putting milk in it.  The hard plastic lid has some rather treacherous nooks and crannies that made cleaning nigh on impossible.  I cried briefly over spoiled milk, then moved on.

The red cup in the picture above is actually still in circulation around our house, and had a strong second place finish.  It is one of a set of five disposable cups, and was way cheaper than the other options.  What kept it from finishing first was that the straw is very easy for Elijah to pull out-and much, much harder for him to put back in. I still use these for milk on the rare occasion that Elijah is interested in drinking some. 

The white frog cup in the picture above was the worst of the lot.  It is actually a hold over from the twins' younger days that has persisted mainly for use with baby dolls.  As far as I can tell, there is no actual way to get liquid out of this cup.  It is advertised as being "stage 1" or something.  Apparently, younger babies have vacuums instead of mouths.  I even tried widening the holes with a paper clip, to no avail.  

The final loser, the orange and blue lovely above, was actually fine, and I have several friends who have used this cup with success.  The rubber spout can be turned inside out for easy cleaning, and the handles are key.  Elijah just could never quite get the hang of tipping it back far enough, especially when the water was low.  

So...all these imperfect vessels-what was a mom to do?  Tomorrow I will reveal how an old friend came to the rescue and gave this long and arduous journey a happy ending.  Stay tuned...

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