Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Showing some love

I am not a Valentine's Day person.  Basically, I feel the same way about Valentine's Day as I do about chicken.  I don't dislike it.  I just don't really care about it.  If I think about it, I tend not to get too worked up about holidays general.  Perhaps this speaks to some essential character fault, but that is a topic to be explored on another day.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of love, though, and I have lots of that, so I couldn't let it pass completely unacknowledged.  Elijah and I started the day off right with a waffle and strawberry breakfast lovingly prepared by Brianna's teacher.  The best was watching how startled Brianna was by the whipped cream canister.  According to her, "It sounds just like a snake!"

After that, Elijah and I stopped at a few stores to pick up supplies for that evening, and he selected his own Valentine's present.  He, for one, was definitely feeling the love.  (See above and below.)

For the other man in my life, I did some high-quality home cooking (if I do say so myself).  At first, he requested black bean burgers, but I vetoed those for their lack of requisite specialness.  Upon further consideration, he chose jambalaya with shrimp for his holiday meal.  With help from The Joy of Cooking and Whole Foods, I was able to prepare a dish that I considered to be eminently holiday-worthy.  Particularly because I left out the chicken.