Thursday, April 12, 2012

Horses, horses, horses, horses....

When I was considering what to write about today, I realized two things:
1) The pictures for my original intended post are terrible.
2) I have yet to really write about the high point of spring break (at least of from the perspective of B and B.)  

And so, without further ado, I bring you:  Horses!  Actually, it was mainly one very gracious horse named Pumpkin Pie who was the recipient of most of our attention (and carrots), but we enjoyed watching the other ones play in the field, too. 

(On a side note, for some reason Brianna says "hearse" instead of "horse", which was great when she told people that she was going to go ride a hearse during spring break.)

Brianna was terrified of the farm dog...

 ...but for some reason the much larger horse was just fine.  
Note her characteristic zen-like expression.
Elijah did not get to ride a horse, but there were plenty of other things to play with, like rocks and horse brushes.  Also bling.

 This is how Brittany felt waiting for her turn.

And this is her getting back on after falling off the horse.  Not metaphorically.

A big shout out to Patricia for taking lots of pictures and playing in the rock pile with Elijah while the twins rode around.  Thanks also to Becky Duncan, owner of Pumpkin Pie and endlessly patient riding instructor.

The next day, my allergies made me pay for my roll in the hay, but it's a week later and still B and B's number one topic of conversation, so I would definitely say that it was worth it, sneezes and all.

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  1. I love the bling. Looks like the MLB pitchers. Take care of those allergies.