Monday, April 16, 2012


Back before I was a big-time (haha) paid food blogger, one of the perks of writing for Endless Simmer was that sometimes I got to sample various foods and drinks.  I think the best was when I came home to find a box of Korean dumplings sitting on my porch packed in dry ice.  Elijah enjoyed watching the ice evaporate in the sink as much as he enjoyed the dumplings.

Recently, I was fortunate to be able to try some fancy-pants sparkling juice from a company called Spindrift.  Unfortunately for them, a few weeks later I was also fortunate to sample some not-so-fancy-pants sparking juice from a brand you may have heard of, Juicy Juice.  I mean, sure, the Spindrift was probably a little better, but was it five (or more) times better, as the price would indicate?  I think not.  Kinda like the tea I sampled a while back.

Anyway, to read my full post, hop on over to Endless Simmer and check me out.  And, Mom, I bet the first paragraph will be your favorite.

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