Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 As my longer-time readers know, I sometimes moonlight as a food blogger at Endless Simmer.  Up until last week, this had been a labor purely of love.  Ever since I answered a call for new writers on ES way back in October of 2009 (with this post), I have written about three stuffed pumpkins, confessed quite a few kitchen (ahem) screw-ups and had the chance to review some delicious goodies.  ES set me on the path to blogging, for which I will always be grateful.  Plus, their readership is WAY bigger than my personal one (though undoubtedly not nearly as good-looking), so it has been a way to get my writing out to a wider audience.

Then, last week, I got some very exciting news.  Because Endless Simmer's readership has continued to expand, all of of lovely contributors will now be getting paid (!) for our submissions.  It's not a lot, at least by, I don't know, most standards, but it is considerably more than nothing.   More than the amount, though, is the idea that somebody is actually paying me to write.  I have always considered myself a writer, particularly since I began blogging in earnest, but now I am, like, you know, a professional writer.  At least a little bit.
Sorry if this post is a little scattered.  I am, if you can't tell, quite excited about this whole prospect.  Also, it's late, and I spent way to much time trying to do something with pictures that never actually worked. In lieu of something cooler, enjoy a few pictures (to the left) from ES posts past.  You can find the actual posts here, here and here.  And, check out my very first paid post here. (Which, by the way, is a picture actually taken by Kurt.  I guess I should share some my exorbitant profits with him.)    Happy Wednesday!

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