Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break begins: The Pizza Parlor

When I asked Brittany what she wanted to do over Spring Break, her first answer was, "Go to the pizza parlor!"  I couldn't help laughing a little inside because aside from this one 5-year-old girl, I do not know anyone who regularly refers to a pizza-serving restaurant as a pizza parlor.  Probably because no one else has called it that since the 1970's.  

What can I say?  Brittany is just awesome like that.  Also, she makes great facial expressions while pretending to talk on the phone. 

Actually, she calls such a place a "pizza parlor" because of a particular book that they read at school called Trashy Town.  The title is suspect, I know, but if you ever read the book, I promise that you will spend the next week chanting the refrain under your breath.  "Dump it in.  Smash it down.  Drive around the trashy town."  Brittany and I still like to shout it for old times sake.  Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment: 

Brianna was all about the pepperoni pizza, eating as many slices as me.  I am not exaggerating.

Patricia enjoyed herself as well, despite her facial expression in this out-of-focus picture.

And of course, Elijah was his usual garbage-disposal self.  Brittany helped him accessorize in the car.

Tomorrow it's babysitting time, but Wednesday we'll be back to Spring Break fun.  I'm thinking maybe we'll do some painting.  

What do you think, have I completely lost my mind?

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