Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break Continues: Dyed Egg Ephemera

I was all set to do some painting with the twins and Patricia today, but then I realized, It's almost Easter!  Yes, the holiday has pretty much completely sneaked up on me this year.  The egg dyeing idea was specifically brought about by this post on The Artful Parent.  I had planned on trying out some sticker art, but the kids got carried away enough all on their own.  I did use Jeanne's proportions for the dye, 3/4 c. water to 2 T. white vinegar, plus a generous amount of food coloring.  

Before dyeing, the kids colored the eggs with regular crayons.  What I failed to realize until we started was that the eggs were still so hot that the crayons started melting on contact.  This was actually kind of cool, though, and made the crayons go on much more smoothly.

Even Elijah got in on the act.

After the coloring, we dipped the eggs in the dye using plain old tablespoons.  Surprisingly, we had only one major splashdown.  

Brianna made my favorite egg of the day, which had a lava-like appearance to it.  

An hour later, at lunchtime, the kids (Elijah included) proceeded to eat almost the entire dozen eggs.  

Thank goodness for pictures!

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