Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I See It

I didn't post a video last week.  Not shocking, since I haven't exactly been the most reliable in that department.  But the reason why, at least this time, was not entirely my fault.  The thing is, Elijah has realized, as only a 21st century child can, that the videos and pictures that I take of him are available for immediate viewing.  As soon as the cameras come out, he immediately starts yelling, "I see it!" and tries to get a hold of the camera.  With our video camera, you are either watching the filming or starring in it, not both, so that makes taking movies of Elijah very difficult.  We do have an iPad, and I believe there is a way to switch the camera so that you can watch yourself whilst you record the video, so we will work on that for next week.

With the regular camera, I can usually get a candid shot or two off before Elijah realizes what is going on.  Then, it's all over but the close-ups.

Any chance of him going back to what he was doing before are over until the camera gets put away.  Oh well. At least I like looking at frames full of his cute little face, drool and all.  I like it almost as much as he does.

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