Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Insider's DC: Community Forklift

'Tis the season of fall festivals, and since fall is my favorite season, we have been partaking as much as possible.  Unfortunately for the toddler set, though, most seem to run from 11 am to 4 pm, which around here is otherwise known as lunch and nap time.  Last weekend, though, we managed to find a party that started at the early hour of ten (only four hours after Elijah woke up!), so we jumped right on it.

Not only was it a pirate themed party (someday, I will tell you about Kurt and my pirate-themed courtship), but it was hosted by Community Forklift, which is just an awesome place unto itself.  Just outside the city in Hyattsville, it is a huge wareshouse full of construction cast-offs, from rows of doors to tiles to nuts and bolts.

There is a radiator graveyard (and not just for Halloween) and a gravel lot full of old bathtubs.  Being renters, we're not much for home improvement these days, but really I like to just go there and wander the aisles, admiring the various treasures.

Elijah enjoyed the music, the cookies, and stirring rainwater that had collected in an old tub.  He even mustered up the courage to "walk the plank".  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Isabel had a great time, too.

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