Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathering the Storm with Flower Soup

It seems that Hurricane Sandy has moved on from the DC area, leaving behind lots of naked trees and big puddles but not too much major damage, at least in our immediate vicinity.  For us, the hardest part of this storm has been being confined to the house for a few days, which is to say that we consider ourselves quite fortunate, and pray for those who are less so. 

So, what does one do with a two-year-old for two long days in the house? you may ask.  Well, Elijah is fairly good at making suggestions in that arena, so I followed his lead as much as possible.  He has been eying Isabel's lovely pink flower arrangement since it was dropped off last week, often saying, "I see it," which really means, "I destroy it."  The flowers were finally looking a bit peaked, so I decided to let him have at them. 

He happily dismantled them, then spend half an hour or more moving them from bowl to bowl, stirring them up, and sniffing them, often declaring, "They smell good!"  He seemed to have a very specific plan in mind, and after awhile, requested a pan to continue his "cooking".  A spatula soon became necessary as well.  If I were an early childhood teacher, I might call this a sensory exploration experience.  As a mom, I call it a rainy day success story.  

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