Monday, November 19, 2012

The Next Step

Books, books, books.  Our lives around here are filled with them (although, thanks to the Kindle, less actual physical space is being taken up by my books these day.)  As I noted back when I began this blog (and my photography was kinda crummy), there are plenty of good board books out there, and these are particularly good for the books-taste-good set.  However, as any toddler parent knows, reading a board book takes about 30 seconds, which means you have to read the same book six times, or six different books, just to read to your child for five minutes.  Once Elijah stop trying to ingest his books (or otherwise destroy them),  we moved on to slightly longer rhyming books (certain Dr. Seuss, Mr. Magee) and of course, the beloved Piggie and Elephant.  Still, these books have the misfortune of being, well, short.  The language play was fun, but the books didn't last long, and the plots, though amusing were rather thin.

And so, it was much to my delight that just the other day, we made it all the way through a book that I would consider to be in the next developmental reading tier, Strega Nona.  It is an old Italian folktale lovingly and lov-ely illustrated by Tomie dePaola.  I am not sure why this particular book captured Elijah's attention, but he sat rapt while we went from beginning to end, then asked to read it again the next day.  I was a little worried that the plot might be to long for him to really grasp, but then I caught him "reading" it to himself, saying, "The pasta is boiling over!  Oh no!", which, if you have read this book, you know is basically the main issue in the story, so I guess he's getting enough of the story for now. 

PS Don't you love Elijah's play "pasta" in the pot?  Just some yellow yarn, I tell ya, but it does the job nicely. 

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