Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Housewife confession: I love laundry

Yep, it's true.  I don't know why, exactly.  There is just something about the sorting, the folding, the neatly arrayed squares laid out on the bed that is just...satisfying.  Even though I washed these clothes last week (or yesterday, in the case of diapers), and I will wash them again next week, I get great feeling of accomplishment after going from basket full of dirty clothes to empty basket and full drawers.  I particularly like folding and putting away the children's laundry.  Those tiny socks and sleepers, or "big boy" shirts and pajamas remind me of my sweet girl, my growing boy.  Doing the laundry is a tangible sign that I am tending to the needs of my little family, making sure they are warm and clean. 

Growing up, I certainly did not feel this way.  Laundry was more or less of a cooperative effort in our house.  Supposedly, whoever heard the dryer buzz was suppose to change the laundry over and fold the laundry from the dryer, but for some reason, my sister and I often seemed unable to hear the buzzing sound.  Huh.  Then, once the laundry was clean and in the basket, it would often sit in my room for days, becoming a makeshift dresser since I tended to avoid putting the clothes in the actual, you know, dresser. 

So, what changed?  I often wonder when I will become a "grown-up", but perhaps this is how it happens, when one day you stop avoiding the pile of dirty clothes, and start embracing it (not literally, of course).  I know I'm not a real grown-up, though, because I still can't say I enjoy doing the dishes.  Maybe when I'm 30.  Until then, pass the clothes basket over this-a way.

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