Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just (en)chillin'

If you are a friend of ours, and thinking of coming over for dinner, be warned: if you aren't a lover of beans, you may want to come over on a day other than Tuesday.  After successfully instituting Pasta Monday over the summer, we have now added Taco Tuesday to our weekly rotation.  And as we are not so much in the carnivorous way over here, beans are the main attraction when it comes to taco (or enchilada) filling.  Today, you can find my super-easy enchilada recipe, along with a picture of Elijah making them (did I mention they are super-easy?) over at Endless Simmer.  And if beans aren't your thing, well, there's always Pizza Friday.   

1 comment:

  1. One can?! of beans? I guess that's where the "easy" part comes in. :) I think we'll have to try these next week, if for no other reason than I can hopefully sneak something green into Eleanor's diet.