Monday, November 12, 2012

One Month - 5 Things

As of yesterday, Isabel Joan is one month old.  Here are five things you might like to know about her:

1.  She is a lazy eater.  Elijah's nursing nickname was the Barracuda.  Isabel could not be more different.  Call her Queen of the Snack Bar.

2.  She is a little ball of gas.  Seriously, her farts are shockingly loud coming from such a small person.  She is generally not bothered by her gassiness, though.

3.  Elijah adores her.  He calls her "Izzy Izzy" and likes to pile his toys on top of her and give her tons of hugs.  As a result, she is less sure about him.

4.  She loves pink. Just kidding.  I have no idea if she likes pink at all, but pretty much all of her outfits are pink, so she doesn't really have a choice.

5.  She's as chill as can be, at least so far.  Maybe I'm misremembering, but even at this young age, Elijah was already, well, strong-willed (read: crabby-pants).  So perhaps this speaks to her future personality?  This family could use at least one laid-back member, and I'm kinda hoping it could be her.

That's it for now...except that she is one beloved baby.  But perhaps that goes without saying.

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