Monday, December 31, 2012

Biscotti 2.0

Every year, we have grand plans when it comes to making Christmas treats, and every year, we never quite realize those plans.  This year, we quickly reached cookie/candy making fatigue after a few batches of biscotti, some chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and one huge batch of (hard) caramels.  The biscotti was my doing, and it took two tries to get it looking good enough for the neighbors.  The frosting didn't actually make it onto the cookies until December 25 was in the rearview mirror, but they do look pretty, don't you think?

For my revised recipe, and a the "before"picture, click on over to Endless Simm and enjoy some biscotti love.

PS On an unrelated note, here's link to a helpful article that arrived in my inbox today, just in time for our second trek through the mind field that is baby sleep habits.

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