Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Living small

My life, right now, is small.  It is mainly populated with small people, short books and, let's face it, fitful sleep.  This morning, we didn't even make it out the front door.  (We did, however, cook up some mean "eggs" in a pot on the back porch using only dish soap and water.)  Growing up, my parents were good about encouraging us to dream big, and believe me, I do, I have and I will. 

For this moment, this day and this season, though, I delight in the smallness.  If the best thing that happened to me this morning is that I helped Elijah make his own hot chocolate, then it was truly a morning well spent. (Oh, and if you need evidence that this was an Elijah-driven project, just check out the table in the first picture.  No worries, though.  Cleaning up is half the fun.)

Now it's naptime, and I think I might finish up that cocoa.  I should probably put it in a new cup, though.  That one is a little sticky. 

Small, my friends, can be quite delicious.

And beautiful, too.

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