Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mommy News Flash: You are not me

There's something you should know about me: I love, love the visual arts, and I love creating things, particularly of the artsy-craftsy variety.  I can happily spend an afternoon, or perhaps an entire day, wandering around an art gallery or lost in a crocheting/gluing/stitching project.  I even like modern art.  Oh, and another thing: I like quiet.  I am a very talkative person, it's true, but I am not a very loud person.  In fact, I am actually something of a mumbler.

How then, have I did I end up with a drum- banging, "guitar"-playing crazy man for a son?  As anyone who has spent some time with Elijah can tell you, once he gets past his bit of shyness, the kid is LOUD.  Like REALLY LOUD.  Like, "Elijah, I know you are screaming because you are excited, but it's hurting Mommy's ears," loud. 

It's not like I want a carbon copy of myself.  My parents set good examples in this respect, allowing my sister and I to pursue our own interests.  Neither of us ever learned to play bridge.  My mom is the craftiest person I know, and yet there is  an infamous picture of my sister working on her last craft project, which consisted of about eight stitches on a piece of fabric.  I think she was six at the time.  I embrace the diversity that exists within families.  And there is already no doubt that Elijah, even at the tender age of two, has a personality and interests that are uniquely his.

These days, I am ready to order noise cancelling headphones for the rest of the family, Isabel included, yet there are more upsides to Elijah's musical preoccupation than not.  It has caused me to recall my own musical ambitions of years past, when I spent many hours a day singing and practicing piano.  It has made me think that perhaps it is time to actually learn how to play that ten-year-old guitar of mine.  And, I suppose, the kid is only two, and he may not always be such a little drummer boy, or at least maybe we will have a garage by the time he is ready for an actual drum set.  And, you know, there's always Isabel.  I can see in her eyes that she cannot wait to learn how to crochet.

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