Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, Crayola, why you gotta be like that?

I am a lifelong Crayola lover.  Their crayons are clearly the high bar that every other crayon must meet, and there was nothing quite like opening a sixty-four pack at the start of the school year and seeing that tiny rainbow of perfect points staring back. One of my most fun gifts that I have received in my life was a Crayola crayon maker.  I was eighteen years old at the time.

In my quest to foster a love of art in my son, I set out in search of some other art supplies besides crayons to pique his interest.  Watercolor paints seemed like a logical choice, as they require little in the way of set up and clean up.  My immediate thought, based on my previous life experience, was to try the Crayola version.  And the paints did not disappoint.  Affordable, varied in color and easy to use, I have to give them a thumbs up.

The Crayola watercolor paper was a different story, however.  It is basically just a big sheet of printer paper, which if you've ever spilled coffee on, you know is not at all absorbent.  And when Elijah "paints", he mostly uses water, which turns the entire situation into a sloppy, gloppy mess.  I have the table stains to prove it. 

For Elijah's birthday, my sister sent some lovely fancy watercolor paper, but it only came with twelve sheets.  Fortunately, Target now carries a brand called Kid Made Modern, which makes some nice, thick, affordable watercolor paper. 

It is hard to admit that the Crayola of my childhood cannot meet all my needs, but my dining room table, for one, welcomes the change.  And, their paper may be no good, but these are still great.

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