Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow! (Just kidding)

I went to the bathroom this morning, and when I came back, Elijah was peering out the bedroom window.  "Look, Mommy, leaves are falling!"  Not a bad guess, based on his limited life experience, but what Elijah thought were leaves were actually snowflakes (or so we thought).  We moved downstairs to get a better look out the front window.  Of course, the next thing we had to do was go outside and see if this snow was for real.  

Well, it turns out that what looked like snow falling from the sky was more like little pellets of ice.  Undeterred, Elijah took his shovel and scooped the stuff off his sandbox, along with a healthy dose of sand.  He put it in a bowl and called it eggs.  I imagine that he could have gone on like this for awhile, but I was really not into having ice shards poke me repeatedly in the face.  I sheepishly admit to you here that I lured him inside with the promise of a cookie.  

As I write this, the weather has warmed a few degrees and the ice has turned to rain, melting what little accumulation we had.  I am looking forward to a day in the near future, perhaps, when we can play in some actual snow.  Until then, I think Isabel has the right idea.

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