Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Many Faces of Isabel Joan

Okay, I admit it. Like most second-time parents, I haven't given my baby numero dos the full paparazzi treatment like I did the first time around.  Heck, we had to create a separate folder for each week of Elijah's first three months because we had so many photos of that guy.  In my defense, Isabel also sleeps a lot more than Elijah did at this age, or it least it feels that way, and if you've seen one picture of her sleeping, you've basically seen them all.

These days, though, she does seem to be spending more time awake (minutes at a time!), and so I have sought to rectify the dearth of Isabel photos around these here parts.  This morning, I manage to capture the full range of Isabel's emotions.  Enjoy!

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