Friday, December 28, 2012

Word of the day: Symbiotic

Symbiotic: Adj. Having a mutually beneficial or interdependent relationship
Ex. Isabel and I have a symbiotic relationship.

Maria Montessori called the first eight weeks of life "the symbiotic period"I have found this name particularly apt this time around, because as much as Isabel clearly needs me at the very basic level (food), and at many other levels (diapers, snuggles, moving from place to place), I feel deep within myself how much I need her, too.  She and Elijah have given my life a new and greater purpose, surely.  On a more mundane level, though, when it comes to the day to day frustrations of life, there is nothing quite so soothing to my soul as a snuggle with my darling girl.


  1. I love these Montessori updates :] I do believe that might have been one of my favorite places to work. and I also love your fishy face! xoxo, Danie