Monday, January 7, 2013

Elmo Detox

I just read a story where the narrator remarks that maybe one reason people do things like quitting smoking or dieting is that they can get a sense of daily accomplishment just through the denial of a particular activity.  In other words, they can do something by not doing something.  I can relate to this today because my main accomplishment of the past 14 hours was that I did not let Elijah watch Sesame Street.

For the past four days, the poor baby has had a fever of 102 plus, a streaming nose and a general feeling of horrible-ness.  Given all that, I didn't feel (too) guilty letting him watch episode after episode of Sesame Street.  Today, though, he was feeling quite a bit better, yet was quite demanding, as only a two-year-old can be, that the Elmo marathon continue. 

Because it is important to me that Elijah not watch much TV, and because I might have thrown my shoe if I heard "Elmo's Song" one more time, I decided that today was going to be TV-free, whatever it took. 

It took a lot.

It took every single piece of his new art kit.  It took 4 Dr. Seuss books and three trips through Elinor and Violet: Two Naughty Chickens at the Beach.  It took a stop at Uncle Chip's for a cookie and a train ride to the museum.  It took a lot out of me. 

Our day of not-doing one thing turned into quite the full day.  Mission accomplished.

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