Monday, January 28, 2013


The other day the kids and I were hanging out in Isabel's room, which used to be the playroom, which used to be the office, which will soon be Elijah's room (did you get all that?) and I realized that we have a whole box of baby toys from Elijah's younger days.  I figured that Isabel might like to play with these soon (just as soon as she gets tired of her own hands), so I pulled a few out.  Little did I realize how much Elijah would enjoy reliving his (earlier) childhood.

The rest of the afternoon and much of the rest of the week was spent using the ball spinner to fling balls onto the floor.  Fortunately, Elijah seemed to enjoy retrieving them as much as he liked dropping them.  The jingling stuffed tarantula became an important prop in "The (Not So) Itsy-Bitsy Spider".  And, in the past week, I have read all 12 of the tiny Sesame Street board books 20 or so times each.

So, it seems that I should be doing a better job of rotating Elijah's toys in and out in the interest of future excited rediscovery.  I just hope that by the time Isabel develops the hand-eye coordination to play with some of these things herself, Elijah will be willing to share.   

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  1. Re-toying is a tried & true strategy, guaranteed to amaze kids AND their parents time after time. Especially when he's "grown into them" - like maybe now can figure out how to get the shapes to fly out of the twirler.

    Happy day, family.