Monday, January 14, 2013


I come from a family of nicknamers.  My dad is J, J-ba, Daddio, Daddy Dinkus, Dr. Dad, and, now, of course, Papa.  As for my mom, I am pretty sure that some of her family members have forgotten that her name is actually Annemarie, not just Am.  My high school friends called her Mmm-K.  Elijah calls her Mamo, which is actually a nickname handed down from a previous generation.

As for me, my nickname as a baby was Eeeper because of the sounds that I made, and that evolved in many directions, to Leeber, Libidibi, etc, etc, etc.  In my family, you can't avoid the nickname, and only in extreme cases can a nickname be revoked (ask Kurt about that).  Elijah has become E-man to my parents, but to me he is Lijey, or The Lij (long i sounds).

And Isabel?  We started with Izzy, of course, or Izzy-Izzy for Elijah, but then we realized that she is quite the gassy baby, so naturally the nickname progressed to Fizzy-Izzy or Fizzabel or just The Fizz.  I realize that this might be embarrassing someday, but I am really powerless to stop it.  And, it could be worse.  Just ask my sister.

Or, as I like to call her...

Well, I'll let her tell you herself.   Or not.

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  1. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Love you little Isabel!