Tuesday, January 1, 2013


When Elijah was very little, and I was absolutely losing my mind with sleep deprivation, I received a much need ray of hope.  A friend with many children, the youngest of whom was eight at the time, predicted that around two months, Elijah would start smiling and even though I would be just as tired, I would feel just a little bit better.  She was right.  Something about that little gummy smile warmed my heart enough to lift the load just a bit.

Never in my dreamiest sleep-filled fantasies, however, would I have imagined that only two years later, I would have a child who, in addition to warming my heart with her radiant grins, actually lets me get some sleep at night.  By no means is she sleeping through the night, but she isn't keeping me up from 3-6 am daily, either.

 And, oh, those smiles!

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