Thursday, January 3, 2013

Toys I Love: Wooden Train Set

Growing up in Downers Grove, Illinois, one of my favorite places in our little "downtown" was Anderson's Bookshop.  The backdoor, which opened directly into the children's section, was adjacent to the backdoor of the library, creating a little book lover's paradise.  I swear, I spent hours and hours there, and many, many visits, before I even realized that there was an adult section at the front.  After my sister and I would leave the library with our piles of books for the week, we would peruse the shelves at Anderson's, eying the newest Babysitter's Club books or craft kits.  On very special days, often before a family vacation, we even got to choose a book or two to take home.

In addition to all the latest kiddie lit, Anderson's also boasted a fully stocked toy train table, cherished by us in our younger years.  We never owned such a train set ourselves, so playing with it there was a special treat.

A few years ago, while the twins were staying with us, we were blessed inherit just such a train set from an old professor of Kurt's, and Elijah's enchantment with it has grown significantly over the past half-year.   He can now assemble many of the tracks himself, although he does sometimes yell, "I'm very frus-ter-ated!" when the trains jump the tracks.  We haven't even given him all the pieces yet, as the whole concept of cleaning up after himself is still a work in progress.

Just yesterday we put some batteries into the self-propelling locomotive.   I am not exaggerating when I say that hours were spent pushing the train up the hills and watching it snake around the curves, as well as experimenting with how many cars the locomotive could pull before stalling.  And even with all of that, I have a feeling that we are only at the beginning of the enjoyment that this train will bring.

Link of the Day: I don't ever want an iPhone, so I can't imagine that I'll be getting one for Elijah, but if I did, I would certainly follow this mom's lead.

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