Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why I don't sing in the shower

Back in the day, I was a serious shower singer.  So much so that I even gave a speech in college entitled, "Why you should sing in the shower" complete with scientific evidence and citations.  I come from a long line of shower singers, my dad in particular.  I believe his favorite shower genre is fake opera. 

Then, I became a mom.  And, not just any mom, but mom to a child who at least once a day causes me to remark, usually outloud, "Wow.  This kid is really loud." I mean, really loud.  He spends at least an hour a day drumming, while singing along at top volume.  To give you an idea, consider this: When Elijah was a baby, I would sometimes put him down to nap is his bouncy seat.  He would be near me and I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs every time he lost his binky.  Well, I tried that with Isabel, but without fail, as soon as she falls asleep, it's time for another drum solo.  So, she naps in her room, with the fan on and the door closed.  But even with all that, one can still make out the distant strains of Elijah's music.

So, you see, when I am in the shower, it is quiet.  And as much as the acoustics are perfect and singing has been shown to be a natural mood enhancer, I need that quiet.  It leaves me ready for the day, and ready to be Elijah's most appreciative audience member.  Earplugs optional.

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