Thursday, February 28, 2013

Insider's DC: Artworks Studio School

There are endless free things to do in DC.  From the many Smithsonian museums to the Arboretum to good old storytime at the library, one can stay pretty well occupied around here with just a Metro card.  Therefore, when I say that a trip to the toddler open studio at Artworks is well worth the $5 price of admission, it means something.  Also, the $5 cost only applied to Elijah, not me (or Isabel) which is logical but frustratingly not always the case with kid-oriented activities.  We've never visited the Playseum, even though it looks fun, because parents have to pay the eight dollar admission fee for themselves as well as for the kids.  Blech.

Anyway, back to the fun.  We dropped our five bucks in the coffee can and had a look around.  We were the first ones there on a rainy Tuesday, but we were soon joined by three other tots and their grown-ups.  The program runs Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9-11, and apparently Fridays and Saturdays are quite busy.  There is an art project set up that changes weekly, plus tables with crayons, markers, paper, glue and scissors.  Elijah, of course, bypassed both of these layouts in favor of the toy corner. 

I thought I might have to try out the art by myself, but Juliana, the artist-in-residence, didn't give up, and eventually enticed my little man to try out some watercolor techniques.  He gave each one a shot, but his favorite, which he unsurprisingly invented himself, is best described as "paint drumming". 

Artworks now tops my list of best places to go on a rainy day, and Elijah seconds the motion.  The day after our visit, as we were leaving the house, he said, "Can we go to art school?"  That, my friends, is music (metaphorically) to my ears.

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