Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 Months

Goodness gracious, time is flying.  Double the children means double the speed of life, there is no doubt.  And now our dear Izzy is 5 months old, oh my!

So, what about these teeny little big girl?  What's she up to these days?  Well...

She likes her bumbo seat, her brother (from a safe distance), snuggles, bath time, and doing the no-diaper-crazy-leg dance.

She does not like sleeping through the night, long naps, or having Elijah right in her face.

 What she lacks in hair, she more than makes up for in personality.

Basically, our family is more than it was just five months and two days ago.

(And a shout goes out to Mrs. Hatch and/or Erin for the darling purpley flowered outfit.)


  1. Oh, my. She's as cute as her brother. And happy too. Hopefully she'll take up a quieter instrument...

  2. Found you through the A-Z sign up sheet. :)

    Izzy is cuter than anything!!!! Isn't mommmy-hood grand? LOVE that you're blogging about it. My mom tells me all the time I should write a book about it (2 daughters under 5 and another bambino on the way) but I prefer writing my fiction, thank you very much.

    Whoever created that bumbo seat is brilliant!!! My 2nd daughter LOVED it.

    Congrats on baby #2. Looking forward to watching her progress ... and your's.