Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: Boy

I was raised in a Girl House. I have one sister who is 2+ years younger than me. Our house had no action figures and a giant box of Barbies. More than one of our video games featured bunny rabbits, and those games were played on the original Nintendo or Sega Genesis long after new and exciting updated systems became available. (My parents weren't all about enforcing stereotypes. We had lots of neutral toys like board games, too, but we liked the girly stuff.)  We even lived in a girl neighborhood.  All the kids on our block were about the same age, and we basically engaged in a rolling play-date with the four girs in one house next door and the two girls in the other.  My dad, bless his heart, played Pretty, Pretty Princess a time or too, turned me into a sports fan, and hid out in the basement when things just got to be too much.  He became such a contented girl-dad that when I was pregnant with Elijah, but did not know the baby's gender, he would ask, "How's my granddaughter?"

Then, at the age of twenty-six, two years after marrying one boy, I gave birth to another and suddenly found myself in a Boy House.  The trucks and dinosaur apparel started rolling in unbidden.  Elijah started making fart jokes and laughing at slapstick humor at a surprisingly young age.  It's only a matter of months (fingers-crossed for potty training) before he starts leaving the toilet seat up.  I haven't forced any boyishness upon him, yet he can identify as many vehicles as farm animals.  (I hold up his love of his baby doll as proof of my even-gender-handedness during playtime.)  I have to hold my breath while biting my tongue (not a physically easy task) during Elijah and Daddy's nightly wrestle time, resisting the urge to intervene before someone gets hurt.

In October of last year, Isabel evened the gender teams around here, thank goodness, taking us from Boy House to Full House with her arrival (which is not to say there isn't room for more...).  I know there's no guarantee that she'll do crafts with me, or call me daily once she leaves the house (you're welcome, Mom), but at least I had a lot more fun picking out Easter clothes this year.  Also, at six months, she has yet to tell me a fart joke.

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  1. Great post ;)All of my children we did not sterotype "boy" stuff VS "girly" stuff. With my son, he naturally went towards Cars,trucks etc, athough he did like pink cars if offered :)

  2. I have a niece and most of her stuff are the shades of purple. She likes playing with her mom's nail polish and makeup. Kids these days. They grow up so fast. -_-

  3. Hi.. I'm from the AtoZ Challenge and its a pleasure to read your blog.
    It must be loads of fun having a girls' team and a boys' team within the house :)
    Do come by my blog if time permits
    Bhavya from Just Another Blog

  4. Well, having spent a great chunk of my adult life in a girl house, I am at my ripe old age a habitual seat-put-downer. For whatever that's worth.