Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: Fast Food

I love vegetables.  I really do.  Brussels sprouts, peppers, salad of any and all kinds: I just can't get enough.  And around these here parts, we eat meat maybe once, twice a month.  We like beans, bean and more bean, plus tofu thrown in for a little variety.  Why is it, then, that I am absolutely powerless to resist the call of the almighty drive-thru french fry?

It may actually be my greatest failing as a parent, except for the time that Elijah fell off the bed.  I mean, I knew it was bad when we drove through McDonald's this week on the way to the Arboretum. (At 10:30 am, no less.  For shame.  But what's a half-starved breastfeeding Mommy to do?)  Anyway, we're driving away from McD's, and Elijah says, "Mommy, do we have some nah-kins?  Because we need them for the cheese."  Yes, that's right.  We go to the drive thru and Elijah expects not just fries, but cheese fries.  I am a bad mom.

In my defense, Elijah has very positive associations with spinach, carrots, and most especially mushrooms.  I don't even have to cover them with liquid cheese-food.  I bet that would be delicious, though.

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  1. don't beat yourself up--sounds like you like good food too--we all do it :)