Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: Mmm-hmm

One of the great joys of being a parent is seeing a child discover something for the first time.  Whether it's the first taste of ice cream, the first tentative steps, or the first experience of the ocean, these "aha!" moments are the high notes in the long and complicated symphony of parenthood.  They warrant calls to grandparents, video recordings and, of course, in my case, blog posts.

As wonderful and memorable as these moments are, for me they are not the best thing about being a parent.  I much prefer what I will call the "mmm-hmm" moments.  If you are a parent, and especially of you have been one for a while, you can probably already guess what I am talking about.  Just as high notes are only a fractional part of the whole symphony, so it is with Major Childhood Events.  It is all the other parts, the daily-daily, the harmonies and fillers and repeated refrains that give the music of life as parent its richness.

As I watch Elijah move sand from bucket to bowl and back again in the front yard, celebrating the spring weather that brings us out of doors for the first extended period in months, I feel the hum of daily life, the contentment of being together, the "mmm-hmm".

As I bask in the light of Isabel's gummy smile while I change her diaper and sing "Crazy Girl" the same way I did yesterday and the day before and the day before yesterday,  I celebrate the "mmm-hmm".

Even those high notes, those accomplishments, those first steps, are the culmination of a thousand other mmm-hmm moments where nothing momentous seemed to be happening, and yet there was greatness in the making.

What was your mmm-hmm moment today?

Elsewhere: I am now a contributor for a new blog called Voices from the Ville.  Check out my April post!

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  1. I love this: "nothing momentous seemed to be happening, and yet there was greatness in the making." I had many such moments, the small joys of life, then there are the "what, no way" moments, like today when my son came home limping after a friend pushed him so hard, he fell very badly and hurt himself. Then there was the 'wow' moment, when my son said, "it's ok, he didn't mean it." I was mad, so I wanted him to be mad (I think, though that sounds wrong), yet he taught me a lesson. Now, I'm torn ... I don't want him getting hurt, yet I admire his ability to rise above that moment (at eight years old) and cover for a good friend. We go through so many moments as parents -- many more than I feel I can handle -- amazing we all survive in the end. :)
    You write beautifully. Sorry about the long post here ... just that reading your words got me going.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes