Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: Nearly New

Recently, more than one person has suggested that I change the name of my blog.  After all, I have two children now.  I am certainly no longer a new mom.  Right? 

I really didn't think too much about the name of my blog when I started it two years ago.  It sounded nice; it rolled off the tongue; no one else on Blogger was using it.  I see now that it was the perfect choice, though. 

First of all, I was never a Brand New Mom.  I wasn't watching diaper changing videos on YouTube (hey, Sade) or waking up to feed a baby in the night for the first time (thanks for that, Brittany and Brianna).  Certainly having a child that was all mine, all the time, around the clock was both uniquely exhilarating and singularly exhausting, but it was a more intense version of something that I had been doing since I was in sixth grade or so.  Thus, I wasn't quite new, just Nearly New.

The other reason the name still fits is that I think I will always feel a bit like a new mom, no matter how old my little chickens get.  Someone commented on another blog that I read that you should give yourself a year to get good at something.  I have pondered this, and I think it rings true for many things: learning a new craft, speaking another language, riding a bike, learning to walk.

It can never be totally true with parenting, though, because the task is ever changing.  Just when I was getting the hang of being a parent of one, there was Isabel.  Now two kids seems doable, but Elijah needs to be potty trained.  Soon Isabel will be mobile.  I have certainly gained some wisdom in the past two and a half years and I pray that I will be a better parent tomorrow than I was yesterday, but it is clear to me that I will never be an expert.  I will always be a least a little Nearly New.

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  1. I'm 57 and my kids are grown and yet I still feel like parenting is new to me. Now I try not to parent them. :)