Monday, April 29, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: X marks the spot

I love scavenger hunts.  For this, I blame my father, math man and puzzler extraordinaire.  Each Easter morning as we were growing up, while other kids were going on a chocolate bender, my sister and I were attempting to crack the code that would allow us to find our hidden Easter baskets.  One year, the hunt was simply two skeins of yarn, one for each of us, that had been run throughout the house and had to be followed and and rewound until we reached our destination.  Another year, each clue was an aerial view of each room in the house with shapes to represent various pieces of furniture, and an X at the location of the following clue. 

I have carried on the tradition in my own life.  In our younger years, I would create scavenger hunts for my sister and our neighborhood friends.  Often, the prize would be something that we already owned.  The joy was in the seeking.  When I visited my cousin Katya while I was in college, I created a visual scavenger hunt for her, a pre-reader.  The best clue was the one taped to the dog's collar.  Kurt has had to put up with a few of my scavenger hunts throughout the years, although I have gotten the sense that he doesn't feel quite so strongly about the hunts as I do.  I think that perhaps he is missing the accompanying nostalgia. 

These days?  Well, Elijah is not quite old enough yet, but that will change soon, and until then I will have to content myself with other things.  Also, I can't believe I haven't tried geocaching yet.  We are going on a few epic road trips this summer, so that might have to change.

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