Friday, April 5, 2013

Blogging from A to Z: Ears

 Eyes get a lot of credit, what with their being the windows to the soul and all, but I think ears deserve some love, too.  I am fully aware that this thought arises from being a sleep-deprived nearly new mom, but really, have you ever looked closely at an ear?  Isabel, as a six-month-old, has not gotten the memo about eating less often as she gets older, so every two to three hours, I once again find myself contemplating her ears.  Their tiny, perfect shape reminds me again and again of the miracle that is life, specifically this life of hers that still fits in my arms.  As she becomes more alert and observant (and vocal!) each day, her ears play an ever larger role in her growth and development.  They are things of functional beauty, just one more reason that I feel blessed and awed by my baby girl.

And, today, apropos of of nothing besides perhaps this blog post, the following conversation occurred:
Elijah: (Looking at the alphabet on his wall) The octopus has no ears.  He needs to get some at the store.
Kurt: What store should he go to?
Elijah: The octopus grocery store.
Elijah: He should go to the ear store.
Kurt: What should he do with the ears?
Elijah: Put them on his neck.  He needs them to hear.

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