Monday, April 8, 2013

Montessori Monday: The Easter Eggs Roll On

This year was Elijah's first ever Easter egg hunt.  Even though Kurt and I showed an excess of enthusiasm for the activity and the eggs were basically hiding in plain sight, Elijah just wasn't that into the whole thing.  Could it be that he was distracted by the fact that he had just discovered his new drum set?  Entirely possible.

Anyway, a few days later, once the shine had (only slightly) worn off the drum set's arrival, Elijah started showing a renewed interest in his plastic eggs.  Seeing the opportunity in this, I dug an empty carton out of the recycling bin (with a family egg consumption of two dozen a week, there are always some around) and devised a little activity.

The procedure went like this:
1. Take two matching egg halves out of the plastic box.
2. Put a small wooden person inside the halves and close.  (Unfortunately, these cheap-o eggs do not close easily, so Elijah needs help when completing this step.  That is the once area where this activity needs improvement.)
3.  Place egg in carton.  If there is already an egg of the same color in the carton, place the new egg next to it's color match.
4.  When the carton is full, remove the eggs one at a time.  Open them over the plastic cup so that the wooden person falls into the cup.
5.  Place the egg halves back in the plastic box.

I have to say that when I came up with this activity on the spot, I did not expect Elijah to take to it as much as he did.  We have probably completed it ten times or more so far.  It is definitely going to be staying in rotation for a second week.

The biggest lesson I have taken from this activity is that I should not underestimate Elijah's ability (and patience!) when it comes to multi-step processes.

So, what else do you like to do with your leftover Easter eggs?

 And, did your Easter egg hunt also end when your child found their first egg full of chocolate?

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