Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pepper play

Connecting Families through Creative Play: Day 6: Real Life Experiences

When I first thought about this topic, I figured I'd share how living in a city has opened up a world of experiences to Elijah.  Growing up in the suburbs afforded me many advantages, but city living is child-friendly in a totally different way.  And maybe I'll write more about that some day.  But Elijah's been getting a lot of press around here lately, so instead I want to share with you Isabel's most recent Real Life Experience - food!

A few weeks ago, we attempted to give Isabel some rice cereal, with disastrous results.  Not only did she make a huge mess (which we expected), she hated, hated, hated the process (which we did not expect).  My normally smiley, mild-mannered girl screamed at the sight of the spoon and sprayed food everywhere.  On a side note, she feels the same way about the bottle.  Sigh.  Anyway, she was not at all into the whole spoon-feeding situation.

I had heard before about baby-led weaning (BLW), and I recently saw this post over at Dinner: A Love Story.  It seemed like this method, which involved giving babies who can sit some of what everyone else is eating, might work for the Iz.  Also, she just started sitting up on her own (woot woot!), so the timing was perfect.  Because it's how I roll, I ordered a book from the library on the topic first, then dove right in. 

What a change from the mushy mess of a few weeks ago!  Isabel loved sitting in the high chair next to Elijah (who loved it just as much) and sucking and chewing on some orange peppers.  I am pretty sure she could have sat there all night.  Sure, she didn't get too much food, but she wasn't getting much of the rice cereal, either, and she was much happier this time.  I am looking forward to having her join us for meals from here on out.  And I won't miss this gloppy mess that is rice cereal one bit.  My girl is already a fan of Real Food.  What can I say?  She's her mother's daughter.

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