Monday, May 27, 2013


 Elijah and Grandpa Ron (my grandpa)
 Me, Iz, and Grandma Jean (my grandma)
 Isabel and Papa
Isabel, Uncle Todd and Aunt Suzanne (aka "Oh Susanna")

Connecting Families Through Creative Play: Self Portraits

I do not have an iPhone, nor do I wish to.   Although it would be nice to know when the next bus is arriving at the library, I don't think that having one would really enrich my life that much.  One tragic loss that comes as a result of my iPhone-less-ness, though, is the absence of random pictures that I have taken of myself.  I hear that when you have an iPhone, taking such "selfies" is basically irresistible.

This weekend, we took a trip to the Chicago area to see lots of family we haven't seen in awhile (and some that we've seen more recently, but are always glad to see again.)  While we were there, I was able to capture (with Kurt's help) some "selfies" of a different sort.  I may not have taken the photos myself (particularly the ones that have me in them), but they are self portraits nonetheless, even when I am outside the frame.  These are the people that have made me who I am, and who continue to make me who I will be. 

If I were ever to have a picture of myself made up hundreds of tiny other pictures, these are the people that you would see under the magnifying glass.  They are my self portrait.

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