Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Month of Books: The Quiltmaker's Journey

Sometimes, it is hard to choose a favorite.  I like many flavors of ice cream, every season of the year and both of my children.  When it comes to books, though, there is just one winner (and another very, very close second, but I'll get to that later this week).  That winner is The Quiltmaker's Journey.  In fact, it has taken me close to two years of blogging to even write about this book because nothing that I can say here will express how I feel about this book.  As I write that, it sounds ridiculously melodramatic, and ridiculous melodrama is something I try to avoid here on this blog if not in real life, but it's true, so I'll leave it.

As a children's picture book, it has it all: gorgeous, detailed,, endlessly interesting illustrations, a story that is classic without being stale, a message worth passing on.  Oh, and if you get this for someone as a gift, be sure to opt for the hardcover edition, as the dust jacket has beautiful map of the book's setting on the inside.

I keep restarting this last paragraph, trying to explain why even now, as an adult, I continue to love this book as much as, if not more than, I did when I discovered it ten years ago.  And I keep deleting my reflections because they cheesify what this book is really about, which is basically everything that I aspire to be and do with my life.  So, I will not reflect any further.  Instead, I will tell you to go out and read this book.  Get it from the library.  Borrow my copy.  Whatever.  Then, come over for tea and we can discuss it.  Or we can just sit in silence and be glad that it exists.

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