Monday, June 3, 2013

June is here!

That's right friends.  It was 90 degrees and humid here in DC today - it's summer.  And it will be until mid-October, so get out your muscle tees and one piece jumper-bloomers (modeled so well by my children in the photo above.) 

As you may recall, in April I blogged from A to Z, and in May I e-coursed through Connecting Families through Creative Play.  I am sure you been waiting with baited breath to here what June's theme will be.  Well, wait no more.  The theme is...books!

Sorry, was that anti-climactic?  Well, too bad, because I've been wanting to write about some of my all-time favorite books* for awhile now, and the time has come. Kids' books, grown-up books, in-between books - any and all qualify.  I also plan to test out the whole Amazon affiliate link situation, which basically means that if you click on a book title I recommend and buy it, I get, like, two cents on the dollar.  By which I mean to say, only buy it if you were going to anyway, not because you want to help me get rich.  For that, checks can be sent directly to my house.

Oh, and in case you only read my blog to see cute pictures of my children, fear not.  You are not alone, I am sure, and I will also be taking an online digital photography class this month.  If any of those pics perchance to turn out, I'll post them, too.  So.  Books.  Pictures.  June.  Yep.  See you tomorrow!

Oh, and all you lurkers out there who never comment - tell me your favorite book so I can add it to my ever-growing pile of books-to-be-read.

*FYI: Even though I love it, I am not going to write about the Bible, for several reasons.  1) Lots of people way smarter than me have been writing about it for millenia and I can't imagine there's much more to say, at least by me. 2) Being that it is the revealed Word of God, calling it one of my favorite books seems a bit, well, reductive. 3)There are 73 books in the Bible, but only 30 days in June.  Too bad.  I do love those epistles, though.  Paul sometimes feels like the wise older brother I never had.  But I digress.


  1. Phantom by Susan Kay and I do not lurk

  2. cept it's really MAMO but I can never remember my gmail password - LA!

  3. I mostly lurk, but how about I tell you the kiddos favorite books, as lately that's all I read: 5 Silly Turkeys and Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats.