Monday, July 22, 2013

Guacamole ice cream. Daddy. and Me

This may come as a surprise to you non-bloggers out there, but the blogging life is not always glamorous.  Especially for mom bloggers, writing time is often crammed in the spaces between diapers and dishes, or found late at night in time that might be better spent sleeping.

Recently, however, I was gifted the opportunity to go to a preview of Rosa Mexicano's summer ice cream festival.  Once I made sure that Kurt wouldn't feel too abandoned, my dad and I headed across town to sample some exotic ice cream flavors, refreshing paletas, and yes, "guacamole" ice cream.  You can read more about my experience here.  As yet, it is the fanciest, tastiest bloggy thing I have done.  Now, back to the dishes.

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