Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toddler Magnetism

If there is one thing that Elijah's friends and family know about him (besides his charm and good looks), it's that the boy can eat.  Don't let his scrawny arms fool you; he can pack away food with the best of them.  I am already starting a supplementary grocery fund to be used during his teenaged years.

Not only does he eat large quantities, but he eats all. day. long.  And while this does not bother me, what does get on my nerves is when he plaintively says, "I'm hungry," followed by, "Mommy, open the fridge." Then, I open said fridge and he stands there, letting all the cool air out, while he crosses his arms and muses, "Hmm.  Let's see.  What do I want?" (Thanks for that one, Daddy.)

If we had the space, I'd happily go the full Montessori and give him his own shelf in the fridge and in the cabinet, but that is just not possible in our teeny kitchen.  Enter the magnets.

I drew and painted the pictures myself, but you could easily use clip art or photographs.  For the magnets, I just cut up one of our many refrigerator magnets and used packing tape to attach the pieces to the back.  We've been using the system for a week now, and it works great.  When we are out of something (or I don't actually want him to eat a Popsicle at 6 am, I just move the picture to the upper part of the fridge.  This has also helped me when it's time to go shopping. 

Elijah has embraced the new system whole-heartedly, happily showing off his magnets to all who enter our home.  I was concerned that some of the pictures might be hard to identify, but after a few refreshers, he had no problem with even the peanut butter balls.  I am realizing that there are still a few foods that I need to add, but that will require getting out the paints, paper, etc, so I expect that these will be the snack choices at least until August.  Or so.  Still, I actually brought a project to completion, more or less, and it's one that makes me feel just a little more sane.  Woot.

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