Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toys I Love: Magnetic Gear Board

On our way back from our recent trip to the Midwest, our family of four drove for 14 hours with minimal stops, and nobody lost his or her mind.  I came close; I am not going to lie.  Elijah, however, who loses his mind at least once a day over something as seemingly trivial as his Popsicle color, did great.  And for that, the credit goes to this book, this book, "Bling Blang" by Arlo Guthrie, and the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Gear Board

We pickedup this toy specifically for the trip at TJMaxx, which has a surprisingly good selection of decent playthings.  The magnetism makes it great for travel, and the board comes with five double sided pictures, so there is plenty of replay value.  One little thing that impressed me is how snugly the magnets fit over the holes, almost like puzzle pieces.  Elijah played with it several separate times during the car trip, and has played with it many times since.  The magnetic board itself is nice even without the cards, and I could see it working well for letters or magnetic poetry for older children.

My only minor complaints are that the gears to not fit as snugly onto the pegs as they could, and several of the colors are fairly similar.  I know that the designers probably thought that adding a brown gear would not be as aesthetically pleasing, but I do think that it would have made color discrimination easier.

We have so many toys around this house already that Kurt and I think long and hard before adding another one to the collection.  This one, however, was totally worth it.

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