Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 2)
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Today, we are fortunate to have our dear friend Sam spending the day with us.  Sam turned one in January, which puts him right in the middle of my two cherubs.  Mathematically, it is possible that I could have a child Sam's age right now in addition to mine.  And while I am sure I would get in a rhythm and have lots of hilarious adventures, a la Grace...whoa.  It is major crazy town up in here today.  Particularly because one of Sam's favorite activities is throwing toys behind the couch, which in our house also means behind the radiator.  I know what I'll be doing tonight after the kids go to bed.  I hope I have a long enough stick to reach everything.
Way back in college, when Kurt was a biology major, he took an entomology class wherein he had to collect all sorts of bug samples.  He rode around campus with a net on the back of his bike to catch them.  This is horrifying to me.  Insects basically terrify and disgust me, which I am certain indicates that I am more evolved than my dear husband.  And, much to my relief, Elijah shares my distaste for our six-legged co-creatures.  Nature or nurture?  Both, no doubt.  It is a little disconcerting when Elijah shouts, "No!" to every tiny bug as we're walking down the street, but you cannot be too careful.

  Kurt has been making extremely delicious hummus every weekend lately, and a huge bowl usually lasts us until Wednesday or so.  Invariably, we also end up with a container of leftover chickpeas.  We have tried some new recipes to use them up, like this one and this one, but other suggestions are certainly welcome.  Seriously, though, Kurt's hummus.  So good.

Our downstairs (female) neighbor got the Victorias Secret catalog in the mail today, and while I knew that it was basically soft-core porn, there's nothing like actually seeing it to make me a little ill.  Really, there is no way that thing is intended for viewing solely by women.  I can tell perfectly well whether or not I like a swimsuit without having the model thrust her pelvis at me while giving me a come-and-get-it look.  You feel me?
 I have previously classified graham crackers as a food that only a toddler could love, and despite the fact that I regularly eat them (because of the fact?), I stand by this.  It is even worse when I call them a cookie in front of the kids because seriously, how can a depressing, dry rectangle possibly be in the same category as an Oreo?  But, when Iz and I were away, Kurt and Elijah went to Trader Joe's and bought a bucket of Ginger Cat Cookies.  Genius.  They have a similar nutritional profile to graham crackers, but they actually taste good.  As Elijah says, "They're a little 'picy."  Yep.  Dee-lish.

One of our current favorite books around these parts is The Cat and the Hat.  It's been a few years since I last read it, and I forgot how good it is.  Dr. Seuss was clearly a genius.  If I ever set out to write a rhyming children's book, I would probably just give up because really, what's the point?  Nothing could begin to measure up to the stories of the good doctor.
   Finally, and most importantly, our family welcomed a new member this week, our nephew Luke William.  He was born early in the morning this past Tuesday to Kurt's sister Beth, her husband Ryan, and their two sweet girls, Grace and Sydney.  Luke has had a bit of a rough landing, and all of your thoughts and prayers for him and his family are much appreciated.  St. Luke, patron saint of physicians, pray for us.

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  1. Should have warned you about that. I only move the couch to retrieve items every few weeks or if my phone is the latest casualty...