Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 3)
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A big thank you goes out this week to Dr. Richard Ferber.  Yes, sir, I was skeptical of, or even hostile to, your methods, but thanks to the prodding of my sleep-deprived husband, I gave your method a shot.  You have rescued me from a life of sleeping in 1.5 hour chunks.  For that, you have my unending gratitude.

Are you a mom?  Do you want to laugh out loud?  Then go here.  First I just scrolled through to read the comics, which are pretty funny on their own, but it was when I went back and read the text that coffee nearly shot out my nose.  For example,  "I salute the mothers who have literally poured out themselves into providing the best for their baby, only to accidentally knock it off the kitchen counter. I salute those of you who have had husbands jokingly tell them not to cry over spilled milk. And I salute you if you did, or did not, throat punch him."

How many days have I wasted throughout my life looking for my cell phone?  I hope I never find out the answer to that question because it would seriously depress me.  Fortunately, this website, which I only had to use once this week, might help in the future.  Thank goodness its free. 

A few months ago, I started reviewing books for The Kindle Book Review.  Authors send me their digital books, and I read them and review them on Amazon.  Aside from getting a free book, I don't get paid.  It's been cool to interact with authors and read somethings I wouldn't ordinarily choose.  You can see the books I have reviewed (and what I had to say) by clicking on the book reviews tab above.  The page is pretty bare-bones for now, and is mainly so that I can keep track of my reviews, but feel free to click over.  I will be keeping it updated.

In regards to the book reviews, the last two books that I have read shared a common problem.  One was fiction and one was non-fiction, but both were bor-ing.  I blame Facebook and Twitter.  Here's why:  we have now become so enamored of sharing our every thought and movement with others that the natural outgrowth would be a book that basically does that, but in long form.  The craft of writing?  Meh.  I'll just publish a blow by blow account of my life (or that of a character).  Sigh.  There's nothing wrong with these books;  they are just tedious.  And I fear that social media means there are more like this to come.  

If you are reading this and you haven't yet entered my giveaway, shame on you!  Only two days left... 

Finally, our family said a big prayer of thanksgiving this week when we came home from our trip to find our dear friend and neighbor, Papa Luke, sitting on his porch.  When we left, he had been in a nursing home recovering from a stroke, and we dearly missed seeing him as we came and went each day.  He is the unofficial mayor of our block, the supervisor of our garden, and one of Elijah's favorite and oldest friends.  Welcome back Papa Luke!



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