Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 months!

As we pause to remember on this anniversary of the September 11th attacks that happened on this day twelve years ago, it seems essential to also count our many blessings.  Tops among my list of blessings these days would have to be all of the moments that I get to spend with Baby Iz.

At eleven months, Isabel still hasn't gotten her crawl on, but somehow manages to get a hold of objects seemingly far from her grasp.  Her favorites are tiny particles (rocks, crumbs, stale pretzel bits) that she find nestled in the carpet fibers.  Nothing wrong with her fine motor skills, that's for sure.  She can get her finds from carpet to hand to mouth faster than a speeding bullet.  This is, of course, not helped by Elijah's enthusiasm for handing her tiny things to eat. 

Speaking of Elijah, he is certainly one of her favorite people.  Sometimes while he is at school, she will look around questioningly and say something that sounds remarkably like, "E-la-la?"  Fortunately, the feeling is still mutual, and Elijah happily gives her lots of kisses on her toes in addition to various choking hazards.

Post-Ferberization, she is still sleeping through the night, much to our relief.  Now, if we could just get her to stop hating on any cup/bottle/not breast that comes close to her face, we might actually feel ready for our big Mexico trip next month.  (Next month!  You hear that, Sarah?)

Even with the long-await emergence of two tiny bottom teeth, Iz is still the happiest baby around.  Seriously, aside from the bottle, nothing upsets this girl.  Elijah knocks her over?  She laughs and practically asks him to do it again.  Stuck in traffic?  Not to worry, she'll keep herself entertained with a song of her own making.  She's just Iz, and what she is, is fabulous.

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