Friday, September 27, 2013

Just call me Lois Lane


First, read this: School uniforms don't have to cost so much @ Greater Greater Education

Like many bloggers, I am an amateur writer.  Tiny bits of money from Endless Simmer aside, I've never been paid to write.  I was a teacher, and now I am a mom.  A mom who blogs, yes, but this blog is all my own, and because of the demand for content (from my mom), most posts just get a quick read through (if that) before I hit publish.

So, when I blithely submitted my first contribution to Greater Greater Education (sub-blog of Greater Greater Washington), it was a bit of an eye-opener.   The GGE editor (kindly) wrote back that not only was my post not ready for publication, it was not even actually ready to be edited.  It seems that my off-the-cuff style, perfect (ish) for this here blog, was not quite what they were looking for.    I contacted some sources, had a few back-and-forths with the admin person about actually logging into the system, did a  little teeny bit of html-ing.  One major and ten or so minor rewrites later, the post was finally (finally!) done.

Here's what this experience has taught me: journalism is hard.  I spent many hours on this tiny article.  It's no wonder that the 10+ page New Yorker articles take months or years to write.  Perhaps someday I might dip more than a toe in the pond of journalism, but for now, I will soak up the feeling of having completed something that was not so easy to do.   At least for a few days, when it will be time get started on my next GGE article. 

Bring it, I say.

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