Monday, September 9, 2013

Picnics in the park

A new tradition is evolving around here, and, weather permitting, I think it's a keeper.  Every day, after Iz and I pick Elijah up from school, we traipse down to the nearby playground/picnic area for lunch.  We are typically joined by at least a few school friends, and all the kids eat together, then run around to burn off any remaining energy before nap time.

When another mom suggested this routine early on, I was skeptical.  Did I really have the wherewithal to prepare and bring Elijah's lunch every day?  But many hard boiled eggs and sliced peppers later, the answer is yes.

The park is the same one where the kids have recess, and Elijah has dubbed it the "fire truck park", titled based on his favorite play structure there.  (Please excuse the pepper juice face.  At least I had the foresight to change him out of his uniform shirt before lunch.)

Isabel is content to goof around on the blanket, try desperately to eat the grass, and smile at any and all passers-by.  That's my girl.

All in all, our daily park picnic has been a lovely way to transition from school to home each day.  And, this being DC, we should have picnic weather for another three months or so.

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