Monday, September 2, 2013

The best kind of Monday

Up until this point, we have kept things around here pretty unstructured.  It fits my personality, and Elijah's too, really, so we've stuck mainly with activities that we can take or leave on any given day (library storytime, ArtWorks, the park).  But tomorrow, school begins in earnest, and although it is but half the day, it gives the whole day more shape than we are used to.

So, in recognition of this end of an era, we spent the day in the best way we know how: lots of snack times; a nice long bath for Elijah and Iz together (crazy-fun, that); twenty or so Henry and Mudge books; and, of course, plenty of time spent jumping on the bed.

PS Congrats to the snack magnet giveaway winners, Angela and Shannon.  If you didn't win (or didn't enter!), but you are still interested in a set of snack magnets, please contact me and I will give you a friends and family discount. 

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